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An easy-to-build project with strong appeal to craft show buyers and Holiday gift recipients alike.

Start by resawing your stock to the required 3/8" and 1/8" thicknesses with your bandsaw, then smoothing the pieces with your thickness planer, belt sander or jointer. Next, rip all the stock to the required widths and crosscut the various pieces to length, according to the Bill of Materials.

Set your miter gauge to 20 degrees and cut the angled tops of the side pieces (A). Next, set your saw blade to cut a 1/8" wide x 3/16" deep through dado cut, 1/2" up from the bottom of each side (A). Now, tilt your saw table to 20 degrees and bevel the front and back edges of the lid (D), as shown in the drawing. While your table is tilted, adjust your saw blade so it protrudes just 3/16" above the table surface, set your rip fence and cut the card-holding groove in the top surface of the lid (D).

Use your bandsaw or scroll saw to cut the arched contours in the front (C) and back (B), then use your drum sander. Drill the 1/4" diameter hanging hole in the top center of the back (B).

Glue and clamp pieces A, B, C and E together. Cut notches in the back edge of the lid (D) to accept one leaf of the small brass hinges. Apply the finish of your choice. Screw one leaf of each hinge to the lid (D)...then hold the lid in position as you mark and screw the other leaf of each hinge to the back (B).

Bill of Materials...
View Assembly Drawings: Assembly Plans, Front View, Side View


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